The Mushroom Project

About This Project

Working with a client who wants to have a gigantic mushroom structure for an indoor playground for kids to play.

This Mushroom is 12′ in height and 9′ in base diameter and 16′ diameter at the head base.

We took the idea and developed it in 3d and came up with the interlocking joinery and take advantage of digital fabrication.

The result was astonishing for us at the assembly, every part just fit perfectly and it autocorrects itself by fitting another part.

The assembly just took 2 days but covering it with wiggle plywood took some time. Since the shape was all double curve, it was so hard to bend the plywood in two directions.

We would like it the way it looks after covering it with plywood and didn’t want to paint it, instead we want it to be stained in color like those colored wooden toys for kids. but our client has a different vision and insisted to painted in color.

If we want to do this project again, I would design it differently to have more open space inside.

It is an amazing object to have az a gazebo in any backyard. If anybody interested we can have a couple of them for the next burning man, so give us a call if you like the idea.

310 927 5521


The Mushroom Project in Encino from Pooya Goudarzi on Vimeo.

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