Century City

About This Project

Remodeling and an addition of new master bedroom and roof deck. 
This charming old house located in Century City, CA has a very nice view to Century City Skyline, so to get a better view of the skyline, we introduce new frame window in living room and addition roof deck on the roof to take advantage of the wasted area on the roof for addition entertaining area. 
The main plan has been changed and we added new master bedroom plus master bath. 
New custom wood cabinetry added to achieve space and warmth to space. We opened the ceiling in living area and exposed wood beam and use them as the base for lighting. 
Barbecue, Fire pit and Jacuzzi with wooden deck added to the back yard. 

Design Team: Samyar Maleki and Pooya Goudarzi

In Collaboration With: Marsha S. Scully

Interior Designer: James P. Sams

Photo: Pooya Goudarzi

Architecture Design