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The architectural designer Pooya Goudarzi founded VerteX Design Studio in 2010. Since finishing his master’s degree in architecture from Azad University of Tehran, Pooya has been a key member of several architecture firms, including Metaforms (West Hollywood) and Langdon Wilson International (downtown Los Angeles). As the senior designer, he has led more than 100 diverse projects. His work has been presented on prominent stages such as Anaheim Convention Center Expansion and Khandama Competition in Saudi Arabia.

Pooya comes from a family of keen and active architects, including his older brother and his late father. This family milieu presented him with a unique opportunity to grow his inner interests in a rich and productive soil. In the recent years, Pooya has developed a profound love for concrete. His unique vision has enabled him to successfully integrate the art of architectural design with the alchemy of concrete making. The fruit of this marriage is VerteX Design Studio, encompassing a platform for architectural design and a design-build concrete shop. Pooya’s line of products includes tables, stools, countertops, tabletops, lights and other accessories.

Pooya’s certifications and qualifications also include International Associate AIA, Leed AP, Califronia-licensed realtor

Research on new material and new forms0%
Design and Strategy 0%
Making and pouring concrete0%
Finishing 0%


  • 01 IDEA

    The Idea comes from all different sources, including clients need or even just a thought of "what if".

  • 02 CONCEPT

    Brain storming to achieve the most desirable concept.

  • 03 DESIGN

    With consideration of the concept the design phase will collect all materials including the client need to account and come with design solution.

  • 04 DEVELOP

    We utilize all sort of tools to develop the design process from BIM system in architecture design project to sophisticated computing procedures to achieve precision in fabrication.

  • 05 FINISH

    Now it is time to get the result of all steps we take to finish and polish the end result and make it ready for use.


Architectural design services

We are engage with client from the first day of design process. Utilizing BIM system helps our client to visualize design from very early stage and share their ideas to incorporate. Sustainability is the core of our process which help our client to save energy and have more desirable living.

Concrete design build

We are using different Technics and mix into our products such as fabric forming and GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete). knowing material characteristic help us to emphasis on liquidity of concrete and try to push the limits on weight, flexibility and transparency. Concrete fabric is another form of our products by dipping fabric into special mix to froze the beauty of stretch fabric.

Custom concrete fabrication

We are ready to make any custom shape and design for your needs, just call us and let us to brain storm on all kind of possibilities.

Have an idea? We’re here to help you manage your work